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How to Make Doormat at Home Easily? (Fun DIY)

by Alice Davis

Here is a simple trick on how to make doormat at home.

Typically, a Doormat is a simple stuff in your household items. But do you know its impact is enormous for the first impression of your guest?

Yes, this simple object remarkably reflects your choice and status. 

If you have a gorgeous mat, it indicates you are a classy and stylish person. And you are concern about your home decoration and hygiene as well.

The positive fact is you will get several types of mats remarkably at a lower price tag.  These items are variable in design and size. 

But if you prefer any particular style within a more affordable rate, you can consider another option. 

Yes! I am suggesting you DIY process. And it can be an exciting hobby for you. 

Making this item is quite simple, and your homey materials are sufficient to complete this task correctly. 

How to Make Doormat at Home Easily? (Fun DIY)
How to Make Doormat at Home Easily? (Fun DIY)

So let’s take a closer look: 

How to make doormat at home step by step

How to make doormat at home step by step
How to make doormat at home step by step

Tip 1: Use your old garment (A fantastic DIY workshop):

Do not take your old cloth as trash. You can make decorative stuff. And these fabrics are quite helpful for manufacturing different types of homey items. 

And it is an excellent raw material to form a beautiful doormat!

So let’s see how to use it: 

At first, cut it into several pieces. Take a long wastage garment (I prefer knit ware). The recommended length is 6 feet, and the width should be 4 feet. 

Then, cut the entire fabric with several stripes. As it is a DIY process, there is no recommendation about stripe numbers. 

But I prefer 10 to 12 stripes. Now, tie these cloth pieces. 

You can tie all the broad stripes manually, and then sew it at one end. After that, take thee stripes end and tie it in a grill. 

This way, tie the rest of the stripes and make a long braid. This approximate braid length is 20 feet. 

Doormat At Home
Doormat At Home

Slung these braid ends. 

Take a scissor and cut off the additional length. Also, you need to use a needle and thread for final stitching.It will help to fix the stripes properly. 

Now, this item is ready to use. 

For making it, you need no additional cost. You can make different styles. Another positive fact is this item is water washable. 

However, now I will show you one more technique. Here you have to use a cardboard paper. 

So let’s move on tip number 2. 

Tip 2: Cardboard paper for home mat (decorative door mats outdoor):

You can make a super quality mat with this item. The exciting part is you do not require any expensive tools. 

And the maximum elements are available in your home. 

Required kits: 

  • Cutter 
  • Cardboard Paper
  • Cutter
  • Spray Paint
  • Spray Adhesive

At first, take a measurement. Also, you have to fix your required design and front. Then, cut the board according to this shape. 

Use a sharp cutter, and make sure you cut it understandably. 

Then, you can fix the stencil over the cardboard. And use spray adhesive to fit it permanently. 

Now stencil out the text of the cardboard by a cutter.

Fix the stencils on the doormat by using spray adhesive. The stencils must be fit on the doormat.

After that, you can use a fabric item to cover it. Also, you can use your old doormat as a reattachment. 

To make the stencil visible, you can use it up to the cover and paint it correctly to prevent stain. 

Even, you can use sisal rag, foam, and much other material to make it. Also, several types of straws, leaves, and many essential items are used to create a beautiful doormat. 

Even you can make wood doormat (A simple hack).

But in these cases, you have to have good knowledge about exact interlining and interloping. 

And these are the exciting part of crafting. 

Final verdict:

Required kits: 
Required kits: 

Yes, in several ways, you can make a doormat. But my given two tricks are quite simple and require less time. 

The most positive fact is there is no specific size and front requirement. 

These items conform you the ultimate durability like the commercial products. And you can wash these mats easily. 

About Alice Davis

Alice is a writer who lives in the City of Long Beach. She has a husband, an exceptionally small chihuahua, and 15-pound Maine Coon. Alice got her bachelor of science in biological science from UC Berkeley. Now, she likes writing about a lot of things; including but not limited to technology reviews, science stuff, and anything food-related.

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