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Best Ways to Fix the Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

by William Sanders

Best Methods to Fix the Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point 2023 - Your Wireless Adapter or Access Point can get faulty. You should solve the problem as soon as you can. Else, you would not have access to web pages. No one wants that. Your Windows 7 or 10 has the tendency to develop a lot of problems related to internet connections. Some of these errors are “Wifi connected no internet” or “ No internet secured”. There are other errors that you could also get apart from those. In this article we would shed more light on faulty wireless adapter and access point.

Over the years, Windows PCs have had errors related to internet connection. Some of the errors do not occur anymore while others still come up on a regular basis. Kudos to Microsoft for updating their Operating System regularly. Before, one needed to make use of an Ethernet cable to get access to the internet from a Windows PC. Now, all you need is to connect your system to a wireless adapter. Once you have Wifi you can gain access to use the internet. Make sure you use a good Wifi. Your internet connection should be strong enough to go about your regular activities.

Wireless Adapter

It is not new that you can connect your Window System to the internet by using a wireless adapter. The adapter lets your Windows PC use a Wifi network by intercepting the signal. From then on, your PC can access the internet via the wireless adapter. You no longer need an ethernet cable to use the internet.

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Wireless Adapter
Wireless Adapter

The Wireless Network Internet Interface Network (WNIC) gives you the opportunity to connect your Windows System to a wireless radio-based computer network. Like we have mentioned before, the way the wireless adapter works is different from the wired network. Examples of wire networks are Ethernet and Token Ring. The bottom line is that the wireless adapter lends a hand in simplifying the connection between both devices. Where you would have needed to connect the two devices with cables if you wanted to transfer data between them, that is not the case when it is wireless.

There is a particular way that the wireless adapter shares data. It uses an antenna via microwave radiation. The principle by which it works is about the same as a Bluetooth adapter. The difference between the Bluetooth and wireless adapter is that the Bluetooth adapters help you transfer data between two devices.The wireless adapter lets your Windows PC get access to as many web pages you want over the internet.This way, the internet is at your disposal and you can find whatever you want on it. All you have to do is use a search engine such as Google.

The wireless adapter has so many important uses and advantages. However, it does not mean that there are no disadvantages. One is not able to foresee connection problems before it comes to pass. Also no one wants their Windows PC to have errors but how do you prevent that? All these things could be unpredictable. These are some of the issues that could come about:

  • The connection can shut down suddenly.

No one would expect that the wireless adapter would just stop working but it happens. However sad that may be we should be prepared for anything.

  • The connection could be slow

Sometimes using a wireless adapter could cause slower connections than an Ethernet cable. It so annoying when you are surfing the net and everything is going slowly. No one likes that. It is even worse when you are streaming a video and it starts buffering. Our guess is that you have been in that situation once or twice.

Bottom line is that you need to prepare yourself for any problems that may arise.

Access Point

If your Windows PC has a wireless adapter, it makes it easier to connect your system to a Wifi Hotspot nearby. As far as your computer has an installed wireless adapter you have the means to access the internet from a hotspot that is close by. This is where access point comes in. For the hotspot to send Wifi signals to your computer or any other device, it needs to catch the main wired network’s connection. To accomplish this, your Wifi hotspot requires an access point. In simpler terms, for you to use the internet from a Wifi connection, it needs to get the connection from another source. The way it reaches the source and therefore taps from the connection is through the access point.

The Wireless Access Point also known as Access Point (AP) is very important. No mwater what Wifi you use, you would need the Access Point to allow connection to get to the router. The Wireless Access Point helps connect a wired network to various Wifi devices. The internet connection needs to spread. In order to do this, the Access Points need to be connected to the Wifi router. You can achieve this connection by using a standalone device. Another way you can go about it is to make it a part of the router instead. When the Access Point is able to reach the router, the internet connection would then be forwarded to the hotspot. The exact router should be attached to the router at that time.

This way the Access Point supplies all the needs of your Wifi hotspot. The form that the main host takes is the Ethernet. It uses the Access Point via the Wireless LAN Technology to distribute the connection. Here, to connect your Windows PC to an active internet connection you would use a Wifi device. The way you can achieve all this in no time is to make use of a wireless network and internet hardware device called an Access Point.

Issues With Access Point and Wireless Adapter

Issues With Access Point and Wireless Adapter
Issues With Access Point and Wireless Adapter

You may have experienced so much errors related to your Windows System. It should not be new to you that errors occur often with Windows, especially if your system is old. Whenever these errors occur, you can always fix them. Likewise, an error with the access point or wireless adapter of your Windows system can be fixed. Errors with Access Point or Wireless Adapter usually occurs with Windows 7 and 10 laptops. The causes of these errors may be different.

The error could be from the laptop itself, the Windows Operating System or the Wireless Adapter an Access Point. The key is to always be prepared for any malfunctioning of your devices. Be ready to fix the error whenever it happens.

If you use brands such as Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba and others you are at risk of getting errors with your wireless adapter and Access Point. This is where we come in. Whether you are yet to experience the problem, have experienced it a number of times or you always have had this problem with your wireless adapter and access point, it does not matter. We are here to give you various methods that you can use to fix it for good. Once, the problem has been fixed you get to use the internet whenever you want to.

Analyzing the Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

There are ways to quickly fix a problem with the wireless adapter or access point whenever it occurs on your Windows PC. These errors can happen at any time. Hence, the need for the quick fixes so that you can keep using it for the meantime. If the odds are on your side the quick fixes would fix the problem with your wireless adapter or access point once and for all.

Seeing that it is a problem with the wireless adapter and access point. There are a few things you can do

  • Check the internet connection

It makes sense to first check the internet connection when you start having issues with your computer’s Access Point and wireless adapter.

  • Check the Wifi Hotspot

Another thing you can do is to check the Wifi hotspot to make sure that it is working properly.

Now the quick fixes would be

  • Switch to a wired connection

Instead of the wireless connection, try switching to a wired connection to see if the problem was fixed. How you go about this is to make use of the LAN port to connect your computer to the WLAN device. Now check if you have internet connection.

  • Delete Wireless Profile and Data

Another quick fix would be to erase your wireless profile and data. This would serve as if you reset the whole thing.

  • Update the Drivers

The reason for errors with your wireless adapter and access point could be that your wireless drivers are outdated. The only way to fix the problem at this time would be to update the drivers. It is advised that you use a good driver updater, this would make things easier for you. Be sure that the updates are installed completely before checking if the issues with your wireless adapter and access point has been resolved.

  • Check your password

It may seem like a no brainer but issues with password can cause you to be unable to access the internet.

  • Remove your Antivirus.

  • Change the password and name of your Wifi connection.

  • Reset your router.

  • Check for other Windows Updates.

  • Check the Wireless Adapter.

It is important that when you have these errors, you check both internal and external factors that could cause them.

Best Methods to Fix the Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

If you are not so sure about how to go about the quick fixes or they did not work for you there are other options for you to choose from. In this section of the article, some of the quick fixes would be explained in more detail. When you try each one, check if the problem has been fixed before you check the next method. Hopefully, the error would be fixed by the time you get to the last method of fixing a faulty Access Point or wireless adapter.

Connect Your System To a Wired Connection

Whenever you are having issues connecting your Windows PC to a wireless connection, you can try connecting it to a wired connection instead. The problem has a tendency to last for some hours. You can try different ways to get active connection again. No one in this day and age would be happy to stay hours without internet except during sleep. One way to get active connection as quickly as possible would be to use a LAN cable to connect your Windows PC to an active router. This method would help you still have access to the internet while you try to solve the problem with your Access Point or wireless adapter.

While you are trying to fix the problem keep the LAN connected to both the active router and your device. This is because the other methods of fixing the error requires internet connection at some point.

If after doing this, the internet is still not working then consider that the problem may be from the router instead. To fix it, try restarting the router. If it doesn’t solve the problem the next best thing would be to contact the customer support of your internet provider.

Check Your Wifi Password To Make Sure That You Typed In The Correct Thing

It is the normal practice to set a wifi password to make sure that your connection stays secure. You should only allow those who you give the password to connect to your Wifi. It is also important that you do not forget the Wifi password that you have set. Entering an incorrect password would not give you access to the internet. If you genuinely do not remember it, try to change the password and make sure you do not forget it again. It is always better to use a password that is easy for you to remember.

If you still experience the same issue after tying in the password, try to reboot your router. The way you do this is to disconnect our devices from the wifi network then put off your router. After sometime, put the Wifi router back on and reconnect your devices to the network. This time make sure the password is correct also.

Something you can do to avoid making mistakes when writing a password is to look at the keyboard while you type. Another precaution you can take is to make the password visible while you are typing or after you have typed it. You can usually do this by clicking on the eye icon. With this, you would know if you have made any errors and correct them before proceeding to connect your Windows PC to your Wifi network. To prevent the password problem next time, remember to check the box that allows your Windows PC to remember Wifi connection and connect to it automatically.

Check If The Wireless Adapter is Disabled

Whenever there is a problem with your Windows PC’s wireless adapter it is always good to check that it is not disabled before you start trying to find other complicated methods to solve the problem. Once the wireless adapter is disabled, there is no way for your computer to get internet connection no matter what you do. It is like closing the tap and waiting for water to run through it. That’s impossible right? If you did not turn it off yourself, the different programs on your computer can do it in an indirect way. No matter how the wireless adapter got dissabled, know that it would not work if it remains that way.

Therefore, you would need to enable it as soon as possible. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Press the Windows and X buttons together.

  • The next step is to choose the “Device Manager” option from the display.

  • From the window that appears, look for the wireless adapter that your Windows PC uses.

  • Double click on the wireless adapter and go to “Properties”

  • Now head on to the “Driver” tab and click on “Enable” if it was disabled before.

  • If it was already enabled then the wireless adapter being disabled is not the cause of the problem.

Modify The Name And Password Of Your Wifi Connection

Whenever your Windows PC is not able to connect to your wifi, you can try to edit some settings. No need to play around with some complicated settings and screw everything up even more. What you can do is to change the password and name of the Wifi. To go about it, you need to follow some instructions to be able to reset your router’s settings. After you have done that, check to see if you have fixed the problem with the internet connection.

Delete Your Wireless Profile

Another way to fix problems with your access point or wireless adapter is to delete the wireless profile. Except for a hardware problem, the issue could also be a result of misconfiguration in the settings. This can lead to errors when accessing the internet. To get rid of the problem with the access point and wireless adapter you can follow these simple steps:

  • Press the Windows and X buttons on your keyboard at the same time. This would open the power user menu.

  • Pick the “Command Right (Admin)” option.

  • When the command window appears, type in the following command “netsh wlan delete profile name=”WirelessProfileName””

  • Press Enter.

  • Do not forget to replace “WirelessProfileName” with your Wifi connection name.

  • Wait for the command to finish processing.

  • Now, reconfigure and reconnect your wireless network.

  • Check if the issue has been solved.

Update Your Network Driver

Whenever you have problems connecting your Windows system to the internet, try updating the drivers for your network. Like other errors that occur on Windows devices, errors related to wireless adapters could occur because the drivers have become outdated. Outdated drivers cause the Windows system to not operate normally. The wireless adapter and access point can easily be affected as it is in this case.

The most straightforward way to fix the issue is to update the driver for the wireless adapter. The way to go about this is to go over to the website of the driver’s manufacturer and look for the latest version of the adapter. After you have found the driver you need to download it. It doesn’t end there as you would still need to install the driver. Now check if you have access to the internet once more.

If you are still not able to use the internet, try downloading the most recent network driver on another device. When you do that, transfer it to an external drive such as a USB drive or hard drive. After that, install it to your Windows PC. Check again if your PC now has internet access.

Reset Your Wifi Router

If you have tried other options to no avail then see if resetting your Wifi router would do the trick. The problem could be due to misconfiguration of the router settings. The way to reset your router is to simply press reset on your router.

Another way to go about it is to go to the router settings. There you can also pick the option to reset your router. Remember to save and export your Wifi’s configuration settings first before you go on to reset it. This is so that if things go south you have something to fall back on.

If you are not sure how to go about resetting the router you are free to check the manual first.

Check For Windows Updates

Whenever you start getting errors on your Windows PC check to see if there are any updates available. If there are updates, make sure to install them accordingly. Hopefully the issue with your access point or wireless adapter would be solved when you have updated all that needs to be updated.

When you install updates, the glitches in the system get fixed. In the process, the wireless adapter can get fixed too. You can also download the latest driver from the manufacturers website and install it as well. After installing the driver, make sure you match it to the system updates

After you have completed the installation process, restart your Windows PC and check if the issue has been resolved.

We hope that all these methods of fixing you access point or wireless adapter has been useful to you.

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