RV Slide-out Operation, How To Troubleshoot Effortlessly?

RV slide-out is like a small hut attached to your comparatively big RV. It benefits you by providing extra space for living. RV slide-out operation is really a fantastic feature and accommodates many things in a small space. It also changes the regular shape of an RV, so it is somewhat different from regular living containers or buses.

But it can be a real problem if the slide-out is not working properly. If you are done with camping and about to leave when you discover that your slide-out is not going back in its position, it would be real havoc as you can not travel all the way with the slide-out sticking out.

Similarly, if you are all ready to camp and arrived at your destination, and the slide-out is not opening, it could be frustrating too. But of course, it is a machine, and all of these things happen as the machine needs proper attention and work done.

If you think of giving up on your RV because of a malfunctioning slide out, it is not a good idea. The problem could be really simple, and if you know what to do, you can fix it effortlessly. Here is all that you need to do.

Types of RV slide outs      

Basically, there are two types of RV slide outs. These are hydraulic slide out and mechanical slide out. In the hydraulic slide out, there is a hydraulic pump attached to it, which controls the RV slide movement. In addition to a hydraulic pump, there are also some valves that control it.

Types of RV slide outs

In the mechanical slide out, there is a screw jack system or pinion and rack system. These slide outs work manually. There is another type of slide-out called electric slide out. It operates through an electric motor. The electric motor runs the gear, which in turn makes the slide-out functions.

Common slide out issues and how to troubleshoot?

Here are a few simple tips that can help you troubleshoot and fix your RV slide-out problems efficiently.

RV slide outs

Checking the main switch

This is the first and basic thing to check if your slide-out is not working. Check if your main switch is not turned off or the power supply to your vehicle is working properly. Also, check that your RV slides are connected to the main switch, and this connection is not disconnected. In this case, simply turn on the main switch, and your RV slide-out will start to work.

Checking the fluid

In hydraulic RV motors, hydraulic fluid is present, which drives the motor. It so happens that there is some leakage in the fluid container so that the fluid level keeps decreasing. Due to this fluid loss, the hydraulic pump does not work properly, and resultantly the RV slide out fails to open or close. Its solution is to refill the fluid container.

Electric motor slide out failure

In the case of an electric motor RV slide-out, it can be a problem that your electric motor is facing some resistance. It occurs when the power supply to your motor is distorted, and the motor is continuously working to overcome this resistance. It results in an issue in proper RV slide-out working, and it permanently damages your motor if not fixed soon. The resistance occurs due to worn out electrical wires, so they need to be changed.

RV slide-out operation

Checking the gearbox

In case if your RV slide-out is motor-driven, there can be a problem in the motor gearbox. The gearbox is present in mechanical RV slide outs. If there is some fault in the gearbox, the motor will not work properly. The gearbox is somewhat tricky to handle, so you need to call a technician if you are inexperienced in working with electricity.

RV gearbox

Checking your batteries

There could also be a problem with your batteries. Make sure that your 12 volts battery is charged properly and connected to the RV slide out. Look for broken connections and fix them. There can be a reduced water level of your battery, so in this case, you need to change your batteries.

RV batteries

  • April 13, 2021
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