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Should You Consider Buying a Refurbished Sewing Machine?

by William Sanders

If you are planning on buying a brand new sewing machine just because your older one broke, then pause for a minute. Is it worth buying a new one all over again? The most basic sewing machine models can put a big dent in your wallet. So, let's avoid discussing the brand new ones.

Instead, let's talk about refurbished ones. Refurbished machines are just as good as a brand new model. When an owner wants to buy a new model, he/she trades it with his/her older model along with some cash.

We have created this article to show that refurbished products are a good choice. The article comes with cons and pros, along with every relevant information to aid your decision.

Should You Consider Buying a Refurbished Sewing Machine?

What Is a Refurbished Product?

What Is a Refurbished Product?

When someone trades off their machine to a shop, the shop instantly starts working on the newly received product. It changes the old parts with new ones, corrects or rectifies any internal wiring problems, fixes any dents, and, literally, makes it a new product.

Should You Consider Buying a Refurbished Sewing Machine?

Yes, we do recommend purchasing a refurbished machine. Normally, whenever some hear the word 'refurbished,' they think that someone else has used it. Well, breakthrough the psychological wall, and you will see that a refurbished machine is just as good as a brand new machine.

We have listed all the relevant advantages for your help.


The brand new sewing machines that you see on a website or the showcase of a shop is super expensive. A very basic model could cost more than a couple of thousand dollars. It is not feasible or a good idea for you to buy something so expensive and especially if you're not making a carrier out of it.

Refurbished Sewing Machine

Refurbished sewing machine, on the other hand, are very cheap. A refurbished sewing machine's price can be almost fractioned a brand new one making it a much better choice if you see it from a monetary perspective. Also, due it being refurbished leaves a room for a bargain, which could make it more affordable.

Due to it being so cheap, it means it is easier to buy. This fact attracts eager buyers who could buy these machines and sell their parts at a hefty price.

Variety of Choices

Most people think that refurbished products are normally older machines. Actually, this is a misconception. When someone is buying a brand new sewing machine, he/she doesn't know if that machine would either suit them or not.

A lot of times, buyers just trade them as they do not match certain criteria or qualities that they wanted. So, you now know that new models are also available at a very cheap price. Doesn't refurbished sewing machines already sound good?

Preferred Older Models

Were you walking past the shop and happened to spot the model grandmother used to use or did find the model that someone had gifted you way back? What was your first sewing machine? If you have been in the sewing line, there could be a lot of nostalgic memories that you could have with a particular model.

Purchasing refurbished machines allow you to get reattached with those amazing memories. Not only that, but many buyers also buy a refurbished sewing machine just because they prefer the older models.

Know Cons and Pros

A brand new sewing machine might not suit you. Well, this can never be the case when purchasing a refurbished machine. A refurbished machine has probably been around far longer than the new model. This allows you to know more about its cons and pros and allows you to purchase according to your needs.

Additional Things You Need to Remember While Buying a Refurbished Machine

Private sellers might install cheaper parts for a larger profit. So purchasing a refurbished sewing machine from a known seller is highly recommended.

Firstly, it will provide you peace of mind that you haven't been coned. Secondly, buying from a familiar shop will let you know that the parts installed inside are surely high quality, and the product is fully functional.

Also, ask for two things. Ask for the details on the parts installed as it will act as a warranty for the machine. And, lastly, ask if they have parts for the respective product that you want to purchase. You do not want to sit ideal with a faulty sewing machine whose older parts cannot be replaced, rendering it useless.

Important Tips

  • Be sure about what you want in the sewing machine that you want to buy
  • Pick a model which still being manufactured as its parts are easily available
  • Give the product a trial to see if it fits your requirements
  • Opt for known brands as they are more reliable even if they are old
  • Examine for any faults, rusts, or weird noises
  • Buy a product which has everything and is provided during the purchase
  • Plan the purchase out

Conclusion for Sewing Machine Buyers

Hopefully, you now know all that the cons and pros, including the things to do and not to do while buying a refurbished one. The article's main intention was to change people's points of view on older machines, and if the article has served its purpose, you will opt for a refurbished machine with a second thought.

Just a simple and final advice; Choose wisely and live well!

About William Sanders

William Sanders was born and raised in California. After receiving his Master’s degree in information science from San Diego State University, he started working as a city councilor. In his spare time, William enjoys playing best-selling MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft and Fnal Fantasy, where he often takes on the role of guild leader with hundreds of players collaborating for success under his leadership. William is also a regular contributor to some popular magazines such as San Jose Mercury News, Gleanster Research, and Palmgear.

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