5 Best Center Channel Speaker for Dialogue – Buying Guide [2020]

The best center channel speaker will remove your hearing problem when you are watching your favorite movie or TV show. It also provides you with listening clearly to the dialogues of your favorite movie or TV shows.

There are lots of center channel speakers available on the market. But it will be a difficult task to find the best one among them. In this lesson, I will provide you a guideline and some top of the best products available on the market.

These reviews and guidelines will help you to find the best center channel speaker for dialogue, and you can enjoy both movies and music.

5 Best Center Channel Speakers for Dialogues [2020]

1. Polk Audio T30 100 Watt For Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

If you are looking for a high sound-quality theater center channel speaker, then it is best for you. The Polk Audio T30 offers an off-brand speaker of questionable quality. It is quite sturdy and available at an affordable price tag.

These have no fancy-colored diaphragms as well as have a function over a form into the design. These speakers produce a natural and well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies.

It is perfect for your TV and gets mesmerized by detailed audio with crystal clear vocals, enough to fill any small to medium-sized room.

It is easy to set up as well; it combines one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers, and a subwoofer. The Polk speakers are compatible with many other home theaters.

By using it, you can now enjoy premium acoustics and a spectacular theater experience right at home.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B013LIN554
  • Item Weight 11.45 pounds
  • It connects to the most home theater receivers, stereos or home theater processors
  • Great-sounding audio for all the music
  • Speaker has high-sound quality
  • No fancy-colored diaphragms
  • The sound is incredibly clear
  • No signs of breakup or clipping
  • Dynamic Balance technology
  • Well-balanced sound with massive bass
  • Material quality is high


  • Easy to setup
  • Supports Dolby and DTS
  • Decent audio quality
  • Home theater and music center channel speaker
  • Build quality is quite sturdy
  • Great sound for movies, TV, and music
  • Premium Sound at a Great Value
  • Remote Control
  • Suitable for small spaces


  • Dull design
  • Not suitable for a larger room

2. Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Audio Center Channel Speaker For Home

The Pioneer SP-C22 speaker is the best center channel speaker for dialogue because it offers budget-friendly, curved design, clear sound, and high-performance.

It puts an extra effort to give you a high-quality surrounding sound performance, which you enjoy the most.

This is a Home Audio Center Channel Speaker that brings to be excellent sound-quality to your living room.

This highly-acclaimed center channel speaker delivers on sound, creating an immersive listening experience. It is easy to connect and requires an audio amplifier to connect.

The SP-C22 utilizes an exact curved cabinet design that offers a stiffer cabinet wall.

This center speaker reduces standing sound waves inside and resulting in high-performance and striking sound quality. It delivers crisper dialogue, crunchier car crashes, and louder explosions at every movie night.

Key Features

  • Item Weight 13.45 pounds
  • High-performance and striking sound
  • It delivers crisper dialogue, crunchier car crashes, and louder explosions at every movie night
  • Reduces standing sound waves inside
  • Incredible design with excellent sound quality
  • Two rear side wire connections
  • Frequency Range: 55 Hz-20 kHz
  • The speaker utilizes a curved cabinet design
  • Delivers on sound, creating an immersive listening experience


  • High-performance and exceptional sound quality
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Provides smooth sound at high volumes
  • Stiffer design
  • Reduces standing sound waves inside the cabinet
  • Highly-acclaimed speaker
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Reasonable price
  • Innovative design
  • Clear surround sound
  • Remote control


  • It requires an audio amplifier
  • It is a big heavy beast

3. Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker

The Polk Audio CS10 Center has a built-in subwoofer technology that drivers lightweight and versatile with excellent damping for high efficiency, excellent bass, and lower distortion. This is a unique reversible design cabinet that will be turned upside down.

This center channel speaker has a powerful Neodymium magnet structure delivers clear and detailed high-frequency response for realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments.

It offers non-resonant all MDF enclosure construction with 3 or 4 in thick baffles ensures cleaner, clearer, more lifelike sound quality. It has five-way binding post connectors that provide more secure hook-up options.

The CS10 center is a little smaller channel speaker that is suitable for your TV directing sound towards the listening area.

This speaker can be used on particle board, which is flimsy, robbing you of good sound. This is a high-efficiency design and compatible with all electronic speaker channels.

Key Features

  • Item Weight 13.95 pounds
  • ASIN: B0018QROM2
  • DSP technology for voice boosting
  • 3D sound system for a room-filling experience
  • Compatible with all electrical devices
  • Have a powerful Neodymium magnet structure
  • Delivers clear and detailed high-frequency response
  • Offers high efficiency, excellent bass, and lower distortion
  • Non-resonant all MDF enclosure construction
  • Five-Way Binding Post Connectors


  • High-efficiency design
  • Narrow baffle geometry
  • Quality built cabinets
  • Durable
  • Thick baffles ensure cleaner, clearer
  • Excellent sound quality
  • It is a low profile center channel speaker
  • Thin center channel speaker
  • It has more secure hook-up options


  • It is a little smaller and offers less power other than its bigger counterparts
  • It is expensive

4. Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker

If you are looking for high quality based expensive center channel speaker, then this one for you. This is the best Klipsch center channel speaker that is perfectly fitted with your room. 

The Klipsch center speaker delivers theater-quality dialogue in a compact size for easy placement in your home entertainment system.

This channel speaker offers compressed molded rubber construction that adds high-frequency damping to improve resolution and detail.

It creates the cleanest, most natural sound. It minimizes distortion for enhanced, detailed performance.

This speaker maintains exceptional rigidity, and lightweight construction, for minimal cone breakup and distortion. It provides speaker efficiency highest in its class.

It attaches magnetically for an elegant transition from a powerful showstopper to a discrete performance piece.

This is designed to give you the clearest movie dialogue and music lyrics for an ultimate home theater experience, unlike any other center channel speakers.

Key Features

  • Item Weight 21.1 pounds
  • 1 Inch Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter
  • Best high-end center channel speaker
  • It offers MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish
  • All New Tractrix Port
  • Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Woofers
  • Compatible with up to 8Ω impedance amps
  • The tweeter doesn’t exhibit any hissing or interference noise
  • It provides clear movie dialogue and music lyrics for an ultimate home theater experience
  • An ideal choice for delivering the cutting-edge, overhead soundstage.
  • Designs for your home


  • These speakers give you clear dialogue
  • Striking design
  • Excellent sound
  • Suitable for living rooms and home theaters
  • It handles high-volume treble exceptionally well
  • Perfect for both music and movies
  • Compact size for easy placement
  • Durable, Flexible Removable Grille


  • Price is high

5. Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Compact Center Speaker

Definitive Technology Procenter channel speaker is the best choice for people who prefer a compact setup and definitely impressive performance.

It delivers enhanced voice quality so that you can enjoy more. It is a relatively small size compared to other channel speakers.

The ProCenter 1000 delivers incredibly high-impact audio so that you can enjoy intelligible dialog and lifelike details.

It has a remote control system that has big colorful buttons and easy to use. These are portable so that you can use it anywhere.

It offers high impact sound effects with distortion-free dynamics and suitable for your home. It is perfect for both music and movies.

Key Features

  • Item Weight 7.5 pounds
  • Single Pro center center-channel speaker
  • Frequency response: 47Hz – 30kHz
  • The high quality finish in gloss black
  • Compact Center Speaker
  • small center channel speaker
  • High-definition Balanced Double Surround System technology
  • Magnetic shielded
  • Nominal impedance: 4 to 8 ohms


  • Easy to Place, Easy to Use
  • achieves incredible sound
  • affordable price tag
  • low-frequency radiators
  • perfect angle adjustment
  • Gloss black finish
  • high impact sound effects with distortion-free dynamics
  • suitable for both music or movies
  • easy to install
  • lightweight and portable
  • remote control


  • Sound volume density is limited
  • It generates some noise at low frequencies

Buying Guides

Below these things to be considered while buying:


The center channel speaker is available at many different prices. Some are reasonable, some are expensive, and some are low prices.

However, high-quality is mandatory. When purchasing a center channel speaker, money is essential. Before purchasing, you make sure that how much you consider.

Sound quality

Before buying a center speaker, you must choose a wide frequency range. It provides crystals clear sounds. A wide range of frequency offers excellent sound quality and performance.


Center channel speaker is available in many different sizes. Before purchasing, you make sure that it matches your speaker. You should buy similar brands with the same range of frequency response.


Consider less power as compared with the ones with a lower sensitivity. High-quality products provide significant sensitivity.


Power is a critical term before purchasing; choose the same amount of power so that it matches your speaker.


Q. How do I check whether the center channel speaker is compatible with my home theater system?

A. You have to choose a brand that has the same manufacturer and have specific sound signatures for the center channel speakers.

The same manufacture will easily match any other brands. Some speakers are versatile, and they will be easily matched with any other models.

Q. What is the difference between a center channel speaker and a soundbar?

The soundbar uses three channels like left, right, and center. On the other hand, the center speaker only uses the center channel.

The center channel speaker offers monophonic sound as well blended together. 

It requires an amplified signal. Many center speakers are connected together to your TV.

On the other hand, a soundbar is a multi-channel speaker system that requires an amplified signal to play sound. It uses an external power source to amplify the sound system. It has its own built-in amplifier, and it does not directly connect to your TV.

Q. How does a center channel speaker improve movie experience?

A center channel speaker reproduces all dialogues, movie effects, and musical instruments more prominently that provides you an excellent sound output and improves your movie experience.


The center channel speaker is an audio speaker that helps you to enjoy both music and movies at home. You can also see your favorite TV show. It offers natural and balanced sounds.

I think Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker is the best center channel speaker for dialogue because it is a compact design, suitable for both music and movies and fits perfectly with any other models.

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