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Top 8 Spectrum Compatible Routers in 2023

by William Sanders

Spectrum is a renowned internet service provider and the second-largest cable service provider in the United States. Due to their fantastic service and uninterrupted internet flow, they are loved by many. If you subscribe to their internet service, you must be looking for a suitable router.

But don't worry, we have got your back. After some thorough and extensive research, we have a list of the top 8 spectrum compatible routers. Our reviews contain detailed information about each of our picks along with a buying guide. Read ahead to know more!

Top Spectrum Compatible Routers in 2023 by Editors

Top 8 Spectrum Compatible Routers Review

Top 8 Spectrum Compatible Routers Review
Top 8 Spectrum Compatible Routers Review

We won't make you wait any longer. Below, you will find the reviews of our best picks:

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R7000)

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R7000)
NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R7000)

The first item on this list is a state-of-the-art router from Netgear in their Nighthawk range. This router is very suitable for supporting Spectrum internet connection. Its frequency falls in the dual-band range. Moreover, it has a data transfer rate of 1300 megabits per second.

This speed gives you the ability to enjoy uninterrupted internet service and seamless connectivity. You will also get five Ethernet ports along with the router. This will allow you to enjoy a faster speed when you need to, for example, while playing games. The bandwidth of the ports is as high as 10 gigabits.

You will also be secured against all sorts of data invasion. A double firewall protects the router along with WPA and WPA2 protection. It is also compatible with all operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, and Linux. You will also be able to enjoy surfing on different browsers.

The range provided by this router is up to 1800 square feet. So, setting it up will give your entire house good coverage. Not only this, but you will also be able to connect 30 devices to the router without any issue simultaneously. Therefore, this one is perfectly suitable for small home offices.


  • Five Ethernet ports available
  • 30 devices can be connected at once
  • USB connectivity is possible
  • Advanced security levels
  • Parental control allows you to limit internet exposure


  • Takes too long to boot
  • Internal parts are not up to the mark

2. Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band WiFi Router

Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band WiFi Router
Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band WiFi Router

The second router on this list is from Linksys. It is a tri-band router having a great frequency. It is also highly compatible with a Spectrum internet connection. On top of this, you will be able to enjoy a wireless connection, along with an Ethernet and USB connection.

Having the facility of connecting via Ethernet will allow you to enjoy a higher data transfer speed. Not only this, the frequency provided by this router is 2.4 GHz, which is good enough to offer suitable coverage. Also, this router's data transfer rate is extremely fast, being 5.3 Gigabits per second.

Security is an essential concern of a router. And this one excels in this field as well. It follows the WPA2 and WEP security protocol, which gives you maximum protection against data invasion. Lastly, it is compatible with several operating systems like FCC, IC, CE, Windows 7 and 8.

The best part about this router is its coverage. You will be able to cover an area of 3000 square feet, which allows you to enjoy constant internet connectivity all the time, even if you are in a room away from the router. Last but not least, this router can connect to 25+ devices simultaneously.


  • USB, Ethernet, and wireless connection available
  • Provides coverage of 3000 square feet area
  • Connects to up to 25+ devices at once
  • Tri-band router
  • Advanced security features


  • Size is too large
  • Does not allow advanced configurations

3. MOTOROLA AC2600 MR2600


Motorola is a well-known name in the tech sector, and their routers are top-notch as well. Therefore, the third pick on our list is from Motorola, and the Model is MR2600.

Besides being compatible with a Spectrum connection, the router has an outstanding frequency of 5 GHz, which is highly suitable for high-speed internet streaming.

Along with wireless data connectivity, you will also enjoy LAN and USB connections with this router. It contains 3 LAN ports to allow you to connect Ethernet wires to it. As a result, a faster data transfer rate can be secured. Moreover, the security protocols used in this router are very advanced, like WPA and WPA2.

Besides the features mentioned above, you will also be able to enjoy comprehensive coverage with its network. Even if you are in a room further away in the house, your connection won't drop. Also, there are four adjustable antennas attached to this device, which allows superior coverage.

An interesting feature available in this router is its implicit and explicit beamforming technology. This mechanism connects the WiFi signal to each of your suitable devices swiftly. Moreover, you will get firewall protection always to secure your devices against malware and viruses.


  • Provides wireless and wired connection
  • USB connectivity is possible
  • Four adjustable antennas are given
  • Beamforming technology enables proper connectivity
  • Wide area coverage


  • Limited configuration options
  • An automatic firmware update is absent

4. NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System
NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

Another entry from NETGEAR has made it to this list. This one is a tri-band router with superior mesh network connectivity. As a result, you will be able to avail extended area coverage all over your home or office. The frequency provided by this router is also great, being 5 GHz.

An essential factor that determines how well a router will work is its data transfer rate. And this one comes with a grade of 3000 megabits per second. This is a breakneck speed, and if your internet connection is up to the mark, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this transfer rate.

Besides providing wireless connectivity, the router contains 7 LAN ports. This allows you to connect multiple devices directly to the router via Ethernet. On top of this, this device's RAM is 0.5 GB, which-although a bit low-is good enough to serve your purpose.

Due to its superior mesh network, you will get a comprehensive area coverage of up to 5000 square feet. Also, it is possible to connect more than 25 devices simultaneously with this router.

And not only Spectrum, but it is also compatible with all other internet service providers as well. Parental control is available here too.


  • Parental control allows you to limit internet exposure
  • More than 25 devices can be connected at once
  • Creates a mesh network
  • 5000 square feet area coverage
  • Easy setup procedure


  • Its coding is of subpar quality, which raises additional issues
  • The automatic firmware update is very slow

5. Motorola MG7550 16×4 Cable Modem Plus AC1900

Motorola MG7550 16x4 Cable Modem Plus AC1900
Motorola MG7550 16x4 Cable Modem Plus AC1900

Having a beautiful appearance, this router will complement the high-tech devices at your home. It comes with a cable modem of its own along with a built-in dual-band frequency. That means you will get to enjoy the perks of both a 2.4 GHz frequency and a 5 GHz frequency.

To ensure protection against malware, the router contains firewall protection. This secures your device against malicious software. On top of this, it is also equipped with power boost technology, which amplifies the signal and speed of the internet. Lastly, the router is compatible with a range of internet service providers.

The Ethernet ports give you the opportunity to enjoy internet connectivity of an even higher speed, up to 10 gigabits. Moreover, the device is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers along with other smart devices. If you are a gamer, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted gaming without any trouble.

Since this router has a vertical design, it also helps to reduce the space taken. On top of this, it reduces unnecessary clutter of wires by combining the cable modem with the router. You will also be able to avail the advantages of beamforming technology since it pinpoints the WiFi signal to each device in the network.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Reduces clutter
  • Dual-frequency bands available
  • Ethernet ports to ensure a faster connection
  • Equipped with firewall protection


  • Difficult to reset factory password
  • Modem is not fully compatible with Comcast

6. Synology RT2600ac

Synology RT2600ac
Synology RT2600ac

The sixth pick on our list is a conventional router from Synology compatible with Spectrum. It has the feature of dual-band frequency, which enables you to enjoy two different frequencies at once. The highest frequency it provides is 5 GHz, and it also comes with a great data transfer rate.

The device is capable of transferring 2.53 gigabits per second. This is good enough for small home-office use to enjoying frequent streaming services. Along with this, you will also be constantly protected with advanced security protocols such as the WPA2, WEP, and WPA.

Now, the voltage suitable for this router is 120240 volts. And it uses its own operating system known as the Synology Router Manager. Having its own operating system makes its functionalities smoother. Moreover, it contains a fast dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.7 GHz.

The best feature of this router is its coverage range. It comes with an expanded range of 3000 square feet, which allows you to enjoy seamless internet connectivity 24/7.

Also, its hardware is accelerated to ensure traffic control in the most efficient way. Lastly, it contains smart connect technology to ensure a smooth transition between devices.


  • Contains a highly powerful dual processor
  • Efficient traffic control
  • Dual-frequency bands available
  • Secured connection
  • Fast data transfer rate


  • Lacks Ethernet connectivity facility
  • Its setup app performs surveillance on your internet traffic

7. NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi Router
NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi Router

This router is perfect for gamers and compatible with the Spectrum connection. It has specifically been made to cater to gaming enthusiast consumers. That's why the model itself is known as the Nighthawk Pro Gaming router. You will be able to enjoy both wireless and wired connections with this router.

The frequency provided by this device is 5 GHz, which is just right for game lovers. Although it only provides a single frequency band, that is not an issue since the one it provides is good enough. The data transfer rate of the device is 7133 megabits per second, which allows you to enjoy seamless service without buffering.

Now, the best part about using this router is how it manages to lower the rate of its ping usage. You will also get six Ethernet ports with it that can provide you a connection with a speed as high as 1 gigabit. Moreover, its quad-core processor is highly efficient, with a frequency of 1.7 GHz.

Another great thing about this router is, you will be able to secure your gaming traffic to a separate express line. Therefore, you won't experience any lagging or jitters when you are busy in intense gaming. Also, you can connect to the nearby servers within seconds by using its geo-filtering feature.


  • Network monitoring is possible
  • Offers the feature of geo-filtering
  • Equipped with a VPN server
  • Provides the lowest ping
  • Contains high-speed Ethernet ports


  • Only a single frequency is available
  • Setup is complex

8. Linksys WRT3200ACM

Linksys WRT3200ACM
Linksys WRT3200ACM

The last pick on our list is a great router from Linksys that is fully compatible with a Spectrum internet connection. You can enjoy both a wireless and wired connection with the help of this device. The frequency provided by this router is 2.4 GHz. Although this isn't very high, it is good enough.

Keep in mind that the voltage compatible with this device is 240 volts. Besides, the transfer rate provided by this router is 160 megabits per second. Therefore, this router will be great for casual home internet connectivity to stream shows on Netflix and Youtube.

The router also provides a secured connection by following protocols such as the WPA2-PSK. Along with this, you will get LAN ports that provide a speed in the range of gigabits. In addition, the router is compatible with all types of operating systems like Mac OS and Windows.

You will get to avail the facilities provided by an open-source firmware once you set up this router. This will give you the opportunity to customize the settings as you like according to your convenience. Moreover, it is equipped with MU MIMO that helps to provide high-speed services to multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Open-source firmware facility
  • Ensures 4K streaming
  • Compatible with all types of OS
  • Contains Ethernet ports
  • Provides high-speed connectivity to all devices


  • Requires frequent rebooting
  • After-sales customer support is not good

Things to Consider Before Buying

These days, having a router is a must to enjoy smooth connectivity to the internet. However, router shopping is not as easy as it looks. You need to check its specifications properly before making the purchase in order to enjoy uninterrupted service throughout.

For your convenience, we have listed down the most important factors to look for before buying a good router:

Speed Supported by the Router

Spectrum is an internet service provider that gives extremely fast internet support to its users. Therefore, in order to make a router work with it properly, you will need one that can support this speed. You need to check the speed your ISP is giving you and then match it with the range of the router while making your purchase.

Extended Range Coverage

Even if your router contains the most advanced features, if it cannot provide an extended range, it will be of no use. The frustration of frequent connection drop when you move farther away from the router can be extremely annoying. Therefore, it is important to buy a router that can ensure proper coverage.

Spectrum Compatible Router
Spectrum Compatible Router

For this, you will need a router that provides a mesh network. This allows you to have a group of routers all over the house and, thus, proper connectivity at every corner.

Secured Connection

If your devices get infected by malware or virus, then getting rid of them can be highly troublesome. It is important to have a router that provides superior security to prevent your data from being stolen by intruders.

Therefore, the most basic form of security you need to check is that your router is password protected. Along with this, it should also have WPA and WPA2 encryption to prevent your data from being stolen.

LAN Ports

A LAN port allows you to connect external devices to the router directly, allowing you to enjoy a faster data transfer speed. Therefore, when you go router shopping, you should check whether it offers the benefit of connecting other devices to it via an Ethernet.

Spectrum Compatible Router
Spectrum Compatible Router

In this way, you can directly connect a device to the router if you are in an emergency and require uninterrupted service.

Good Frequency

Having a good frequency is also important in a router. This will ensure better coverage and reception by the devices present in your network. Make sure that the router you are going for can at least provide dual-band or tri-band frequency.

Setup Management

The procedure for setting up a router should be simple and quick. Therefore, check whether your router comes with a setup and management app of its own. Having such an app will allow you to monitor your network's activities as well, along with checking for available upgrades.

How to Connect Spectrum Approved Router?

Connecting a router with a Spectrum internet connection is pretty easy. To accomplish this task, you will require a cable modem, a router, a coaxial cable, and an Ethernet cable. After you have ensured that you have all the equipment, you will need to follow a few steps.

How To Connect Spectrum Approved Router
How To Connect Spectrum Approved Router

First of all, you will have to connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the modem. Next, the opposite end of the cable will have to be connected to the WLAN or WAN port of the router. After this, plug in the router and switch it on. Wait for it to switch on its lights. Finally, use the IP address written on your router to sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What routers will work with Spectrum?

Routers of different brands are compatible with Spectrum, such as NETGEAR, Motorola, etc. All the picks mentioned on this list are also Spectrum compatible.

2. Can I have 2 routers with Spectrum?

Yes, it is possible to connect 2 routers with a Spectrum internet connection.

3. Can I connect my own router to Spectrum?

The procedure of connecting your router to a Spectrum connection is quite simple. However, you have to make sure that it is compatible with the Spectrum service provider.

4. Is it possible to increase my internet speed with a router?

It is possible to get the best service available out of your internet connection with a router. However, a router will only be able to provide as much speed as the maximum range that your ISP permits.

5. What do I need to do to increase my router's range?

To ensure smooth service of the router, it should be positioned at a point where there aren't many obstacles. You can also increase the number of its antennas or replace the old ones to get a better range.

Final Words

Now that we are at the end of this article, we hope our list of the top 8 Spectrum compatible routers was helpful for you. You will surely not regret following our suggestions!

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