Print a 3D model of your unborn baby with the ‘Shape of an angel’ service


Print a 3D model of your unborn baby with the 'Shape of an angel' service

Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies clinic, have started a service that makes 3D models showing the inside of the abdomen during pregnancy. This service began on July 30.

Currently, many clinics provide photos taken during ultrasound scans. But this is the world’s first service to provide a 3D model that you can actually hold.

“We actually got three expectant mothers to try this out. They said it felt great to see how their babies looked before birth, and to be able to actually hold the inside of their own body. They also enjoyed looking at the model after giving birth, thinking, “This is how my baby looked inside me” and recalling how it felt to be pregnant.

The 3D model is generated using a special technology, called BioTexture, for 3D processing of the image data. Then, the 3D model is formed by a 3D printer, which sprays two resins simultaneously, transparent for the mother’s body and white for the baby.

“This is the eight month of pregnancy, so the face isn’t clear yet. Here, during the ninth month, you can see very clearly how the baby is positioned, and the outline of the face is clear as well. So, we recommend this service for mothers who are due to give birth soon.”

“At Fasotec, we offer a medical service called Bio-Texture Modeling. This captures images of each patient’s bones and organs using CT or MRI, to obtain 3D data, which is processed and printed in 3D. We can make extremely lifelike models, so physicians and medical students can use them to practice incisions and learn about structures in the body. We wanted to let the public know about this kind of technology, which was designed for healthcare and industry. So, we’ve started this service as a spin-off.”

The standard service costs 100,000 yen, not including the cost of imaging. As the majority of this cost goes into creating the BioTexture 3D data, from now on, Fasotec plans to expand the price options, and customize the range of model sizes and shapes.


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