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Best Edible Printer Reviews 2023 – Beginner’s Buying Guide

by Alice Davis

Every celebration is a bundle of joy, laughter, dance, and songs. You're the person that adds up extra flavor to the celebration by bringing birthday cakes, get together cakes, wedding cakes with innovative and nice designs. Edible prints are mostly used for beautifying such food items.

However, it would be really disappointing and sad if you hear people saying that your cake ain't so good. And the worst thing happens, when some of the consumers fall sick by eating your food items.

Well, if you have the best edible printer, you can make one hell of a decoration without ruining the taste, though. Don't worry, it's going to be very easy for you to choose one, as we've done the homework for you below.

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9 Best Edible Printer Reviews

 9 Best Edible Printer Reviews
9 Best Edible Printer Reviews

While selecting printers for printing edible images, our first concern was ensuring the consumer's safety. Then we checked for performance, efficiency, convenience, and all those things that'll make your working life easier. Each of our products bears unique attributes to meet your unique demands effortlessly. So, check them out.

1. Icinginks Bundle System

Icinginks Bundle System
Icinginks Bundle System

Worrying about which can be the best edible printer? Well, then try out the Cake Printer Bundle System from Icinginks. It includes an excellent upscale, dapper-looking printer that will print your edible images just like that.

This bundle system introduces Canon TS8280 to make sure that you get outstanding performance at every work. It comes with lots of connectivity options starting from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

Plus, you can use AirPrint on your iPhone or even iPad to print photos from your smartphone. Besides, there's the Mopria Print Service to promptly print whatever documents you want from the Android device. And so, you'll find doing the delicate work in a more hassle-free and smooth way.

With this printer, you won't need to work against the clock to craft an edible image. On top of that, it works on Windows and MAC both. If you're more of a tech guy, feel free to use digital pads to create your desired designs.

In addition, with CLI281XL/PGI280 model cartridges, Icinginks Cake Bundle System includes a set of 5 ink cartridges - 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow, and 2 Black; they unitedly produce the most colorful and vibrant images to let you feel like you're on top of the world.

Now, let's talk about the sheets where your design is going to take place. Well, regardless of sugar sheets, wafer sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, rice sheets, icing sheets, you will receive premium quality images every time.

Don't be a worrywart regarding its installation process, you'll be provided with the user manual. As a result, you'll be able to start your work in a snap. And for your convenience, a 3.0 touch LED screen is added with this printer.


  • Compact and stylish printer
  • Mobile printing available
  • Printing is a breeze
  • Works on various sheets
  • Super easy setup


  • No paper included

2. Icinginks Wireless Cake Ink Printer

Icinginks Wireless Cake Ink Printer
Icinginks Wireless Cake Ink Printer

If you want the best results, you need the best tools, and it's as true and clear as the sun. That's why we prefer Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle to deal with edible printing work.

You'll be provided with one set of refillable XL size CLI271XL/PGI270 model cartridges. So, continue the delightful work of beautifying cakes and food items for birthdays, weddings, etc.

However, refilling the ink is the most important yet very annoying task. Icinginks Bundle system includes one set of injector syringes so that you can refill ink cartridges like a cake. And they last up to 3-5 times of refilling.

Besides, the bundle set comes with the printer that will leave you awestruck. It's the Canon PIXMA with a top loader and back feeder. This printer is fully capable of utilizing those inks to produce lavish images. And you can set this up on Windows and MAC just like that.

On top of that, you can print high-quality images on an assortment of papers such as chocolate transfer sheets, wafer sheets, rice paper, sugar sheets, icing sheets, and frosting sheets.

Apart from this, you'll get 50 wafer sheets along with an easy to understand manual that will tell you about all the how-tos. So, brighten up every occasion with vibrant and radiant photos of your loved ones.

And you'll find this printer appealing as you get to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop effortlessly via Wi-Fi. Thus, you'll be able to print whatever you want on the go. Not to mention, it supports USB connections as well if you have a fantasy for using wires.


  • High-quality ink
  • Amazing print quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Effortless to refill
  • Supports varied papers


  • Prints pretty slowly

3. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer

Canon Pixma IX6820 Wireless Business Printer
Canon Pixma IX6820 Wireless Business Printer

We admire beauty even when it's a simple birthday cake or breakfast cookie. However, inarguably edible image is the first thing to beautify such delicate items. So, try out the Canon Pixma iX6820, you'll be pleased with its efficient and quality performance.

Coming with five-color ink setups, this printer is capable of producing high-quality images. Through the activation of its ChromaLife 100+ system, and by using Canon Genuine inks and photo papers, your printed photos will live for 100 years!

This printer can create high-resolution color prints, as it can reach up to 9600×2400-dpi with droplets as small as 1 pl. It also adds up Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) to energize the printers' power of producing eye-catching colorful images.

Plus, Pixma iX6820 allows you to print big-size borderless photos up to 13×19-inches. For color printing, it produces 10.4 images per minute, whereas it delivers 14.5 images per minute for blacks.

Capture and print your favorite designs from any HD video clips by using the Full HD Movie Print. You'll also be provided with "My Image Garden" to neatly organize and edit the projects you're working on. From now on, no more whirrr annoying sound during the printing time, thanks to the Quiet mode.

The best part? It's WIFI enabled. Meaning, you get to connect it with your WIFI and start doing the job. By the way, it works both on Mac and Windows. You can use the iPhone, MacBook, and iPad by installing the AirPrint app to work from anywhere.


  • Very good photo quality
  • Excellent resolution
  • Prints quickly
  • Helpful software
  • Effortless to connect


  • No duplexer

4. Exclusive Cake Printer Package from Icinginks

Exclusive Cake Printer Package From Icinginks
Exclusive Cake Printer Package From Icinginks

Make everyone feel they're on cloud nine by bringing beautiful photos on the cakes with the help of this Printer Package from Icinginks. Let's check out why this printer bundle for cakes snatched a place in our edible printer reviews.

It includes a set of 5 cake ink cartridges - CLI281XL model Magenta, Cyan, Yellow each, and 2 Black colored models; PGI280XL and CLI281X. Altogether they produce outstandingly vibrant and rich images that'll make you go 'wow.'

Now to process the inks in a very quality manner, Icinginks Exclusive included the Canon TS8280 printer. It'll not only do the printing but also help you in copying and scanning images, brochures, and other documents. So, you're actually saving yourself from buying extra machines.

Besides, whether or not you're a pro, this bundle will provide you with a cake printing manual. It also includes free cake images templates as well as editing tools so that you can make a fresh start.

Icinginks offers 100 wafer papers along with 10 flexible frosting sheets as a token of love and support. Plus, it allows you to print on wafer sheets, rice paper, sugar sheets, frosting sheets, icing sheets, and chocolate transfer sheets. Such versatilities are surely a green flag for flourishing your creativity.

The worst thing that happens while working with frosting sheets is that they crack and split. However, the frosting sheets provided by the Cake Printer from Icinginks are easy to fold and cut as well as can be used as lace. Therefore, you are going to feel free and relax working with these sheets.

Besides, you can control this best edible printer effortlessly with its 4.3-inches LCD Touchscreen. Not to mention, the Wi-Fi system is available for user convenience, and you can install the Canon Print app to print using your mobile with ease.


  • Great pictures quality
  • Easy installation
  • Works with lots of sheets
  • Quality frosting sheets
  • Effortless to print


  • Takes a few minutes to set up

5. Icinginks Latest Edible Printer

Icinginks Latest Edible Printer
Icinginks Latest Edible Printer

Whether you're in a food business or just polishing your inner creativity, it's time to invigorate. Rather than roaming around aimlessly, try out the Latest Edible printer from Icinginks and enjoy its impressive included materials.

Before moving further, behold the Canon Pixma TS6120 back feeder printer that comes with this bundle. It allows you to print your design, create multiple copies, and scan some docs if needed. Thus, you won't be limited to just one task opportunity.

To make the output more impressive, Icinginks added 5 edible ink cartridges - 2 Blacks and Cyan, Yellow, Magenta each. Thus, each of your designs and images will sparkle life and vibrance over the top of birthday cakes, cocktails, cookies, etc.

Additionally, you can be at peace with knowing that the colors have been manufactured strictly following the FDA rules. So, it's purely harmless for all categories of people.

You'll be surprised knowing that it supports edible paper-like icing sheets, sugar sheets, wafer sheets, rice paper, frosting sheets as well as chocolate transfer sheets.

Now take a deep breath and start printing. As a bonus, a treat of 50 wafer sheets is included for you in this bundle!

Typically, edible inks clog up the printer after a few print outs which will ultimately put a STOP to your work. That's why Icinginks included an edible cleaning kit to clear off such hindrance.

Moreover, this printer has an LCD touchscreen to do your tasks with ease. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB support are also available to let you connect to the printer using digital tablets, laptops, mobiles, or computers. You can use both Android and iOS for running this printer effortlessly.


  • Good-quality printer
  • Non-toxic color
  • Works with versatile paper
  • Includes cleaning kit for unclogging
  • Simple to operate


  • Bulky printer

6. Icinginks Edible Images Printer Bundle with Canon LCD

Icinginks Edible Images Printer Bundle With Canon LCD
Icinginks Edible Images Printer Bundle With Canon LCD

How about a printer bundle that offers almost everything you need to prettify birthday cakes? Speaking of such, the Icinginks Edible Printer bundle comes with a high-performing edible printing machine and various sheets to help you out.

First and foremost, thanks for including the Canon TS5020 Edible Printer, as its function is not only limited to printing; rather, it can scan also.

Its unique skill of handling thick frosting sheets makes this machine one of the best edible printer for cakes. Thus, you get to work with versatile sheets for decorating various tasty food items.

Since we're talking about skills, you can print icing sheets, wafer sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, frosting sheets, and rice papers via this awesome printer. In the meantime, this bundle comes with 50 wafer sheets as well as 34 mixed icing sheets to start your creative work immediately.

Besides, it allows you to print the paper up to 8.5×14-inches. Also, 5 XL ink cartridges are housed inside to provide colorful and bright photos at high-resolution. And the cartridges can afford to print 45-50 sheets.

Bonus! You can write on pita bread crackers or wafers, iced cookies, donuts, and other dry foods by using the included fine and standard set of 5 double tip edible markers.

You'll be provided with templates for adding photos into circles. That being said, whether you're on phones, laptops, computers, or digital laptops, connect to this printer via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for printing and scanning.

Plus, you can install the Print app or AirPrint on Android or iPhone, respectively, to directly print the photos from your phone. So, brighten up the celebration with some memorable photos on the top of cakes.


  • Multifunctional printer
  • Comes with top-quality sheets
  • Bright and clear images
  • Easy to use
  • Supports printing via mobile


  • Reportedly difficult to setup

7. PC Universal Complete Cake Printer

PC Universal Complete Cake Printer
PC Universal Complete Cake Printer

Want to be artistic? Get this PC Universal edible printer to unchain your inner talent of creativity. It'll help you to decorate a birthday, wedding, party cakes with edible images.

So, you have marvelous thoughts lurking inside you, but can't find the exact tool to turn them into reality? Don't sweat; this bundle comes with an awesome online edible designing tool to create your design flawlessly, then save it and print. Chillax! You can use this online tool at free of cost for 1 year.

Even you can use your smartphone to work with this software to design and print. It couldn't have been possible without adding wireless capability, thanks to PC Universal for providing such convenience.

With the PC Universal edible 250/210 XL ink cartridges, eye-catching printing quality is confirmed. This printer includes 5 ink cartridges with 1 each red, blue and yellow along with 2 blacks.

Besides, its ink ensures superior resolution to deliver bright and beautiful photos. So, every baked food item of yours will breathe colors full of life.

Plus, this edible Canon printer from the bundle of PC Universal supports any edible papers such as sugar, frosting, wafer papers, etc. Yet, to give you a jump start, it comes with some edible sheets for doing some prep work.

Moreover, what's that machine taking space on your desk? Fax machine? Kick it out, as this printer boasts fax functionality to free up some spaces.


  • Free edible print software
  • Can be printed via cellphone
  • Large ink cartridges
  • High-quality resolution
  • Allows fax


  • A bit hard to set up

8. Icinginks 50 Wafer Sheet Cake Printer Bundle System

Icinginks 50 Wafer Sheet Cake Printer Bundle System
Icinginks 50 Wafer Sheet Cake Printer Bundle System

Still, searching for the best printer for edible images? Try out the Icinginks Cake Printer Bundle system. It's going to help you enhance your printing desire to an extensive level.

This printer includes 5 ink cartridges -Black-PGI-280XL and Yellow-, Cyan-, Magenta-, Black-CLI-281XL. Print whatever you desire, colors will look deep, saturated, and attractive.

Under very reliable food manufacturing conditions, each ink cartridge is made with high-quality food ingredients. Thus, they meet FDA specifications. So, apply the sheets on whatever foods you want and serve people with no risks or harm at all.

You'll be surprised by its compatibility with versatile icing papers. With this printer, you can print on wafer paper, frosting sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, fondant paper, pizza sheet, icing sheets, and more. So, you can print edible for different pastry items.

This printer comes with a printing manual so that you can easily set up this machine. As a result, whether you're a pro or an amateur, you'll be able to print your creativity easily with no fear of failure at all. It also includes 50 wafer papers as a sweet treat!

Besides, while playing with your recipes in the kitchen, you can do the printing by using your mobile, thanks to the wireless connectivity. By the way, you'll be able to add up some spices to the printing by using its free images templates and editing.


  • Nice print quality
  • Purely safe
  • Supports versatile icing sheets
  • Easy to setup
  • Works remotely


  • Can't copy

9. Canon Compact TS6020 Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Canon Compact TS6020 Inkjet All-in-One Printer
Canon Compact TS6020 Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Last but not least, we have the Canon Compact TS6020 printer. It's a compact design with multi-functional capacity that is going to assist you a lot in your edible printing work.

When we talk about multi-functionality, this printer boasts print, copy, and scanning functionality. As a result, you can perform a wide amount of tasks at the same time without using an extra machine.

This printer can produce 9.8 pages per minute for regular text documents. It prints out 3 pages per minute for color photos. Besides, you can print a high-resolution letter-sized glossy photo within 2 minutes. So, such speed is going to help you a lot in the long run in your business.

Print the photos and see them sparkle with well-saturated and vibrant colors, thanks to its 1200×2400-dpi optical resolution. If you plan to print glossy photos other than edible images, they too will boast a natural and detailed look.

Besides, your projects may demand scanning documents and photos under certain conditions. At that time, just throw whatever pages you want to scan at the printers scanning flatbed. It's going to scan a black-and-white page in 10.4 seconds. The color page takes a little longer than the monochrome page by taking 80 seconds.

Also, make some copies of your creativity to modify later with the Canon TS6020. It copies a mono document at 6.4 cpm and a color-graphic at 3 cpm. Thus, this All-in-One printer will effectively contribute to fortifying your work at great extent.

You'll find this printer pretty easy to set up via USB. It's designed to be installed even by a child with ease. The same goes for Wi-Fi setup - easy as pie.

And if you want to work from the mobile, it also offers that opportunity. Whether you use iOS or Android, this printer supports applications such as AirPrint, Canon PRINT app5, Google Cloud Print3, Mopria10, etc. So, print anything from your mobile from anywhere with ease.


  • Multi-functional printer
  • Pretty fast printing
  • Great photo outputs
  • Excellent copy and scan speed
  • Set up is a breeze


  • The document feeder isn't included

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that you've read about the details of the products in our edible printer reviews, take some time on following the important factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

These factors must be present in an edible printer to deliver you excellent results. Thus, in the end, you'll be able to buy an edible printer that'll give you contentment in your work.

Detachable Components

Edible printers use a special kind of ink to print edible images. Such ink is high in viscosity, which means it is more sticky than normal printer inks. As a result, the ink clogs the printer up after you use it a few times.

In such cases, you'll need to clean the printer thoroughly, thereby disassembling the components entirely. Therefore, make sure that your printer comes with detachable components, as well as it's easy to assemble.

Edible Printer
Edible Printer

Versatile Paper Support

While working with designing and decorating food items, you cannot stick with one sheet and paper. Some printers only work with the sheets provided by the manufacturer, thereby not giving you the flexibility of working.

Whereas, there are printers that accept versatile sheets and papers such as icing sheets, sugar sheets, wafer sheets, rice paper, chocolate transfer sheets, and frosting sheets, etc. Thus, we recommend you choose the printer that accepts such versatilities.

FDA Approved Ink

Since edible printing is used to decorate birthday cakes and other food items, they are going to get inside your tummy. However, if the inks contain a tiny fraction of toxins, it'll ultimately raise health concerns. That's why do a double-check whether the ink is FDA approved or not.

Not to mention, another crucial issue of the ink is viscosity. Don't purchase edible ink from untrustworthy brands as they lack optimal thickness.


Another indispensable utility of a printer is a cartridge. They come in two different types - refillable and non-refillable.

For refillable cartridges, when they are empty, you can refill it and start reusing. Some manufacturers even provide Injector Syringes so that you can easily refill the cartridges. However, it's recommended not to refill more than three times. Otherwise, they can impede your printing jobs.

In contrast, non-refillable cartridges need to be replaced when they become empty. So, select the one which works for you the most, but always remember to purchase a new cartridge and never buy an old cartridge that has been cleaned.


A multifunctional printer is undoubtedly helpful in all regards. Apart from printing, you can also use it to copy or scan documents, photos, and many more. In a nutshell, you can do a lot more besides printing photos if you get your hands on an all-in-one edible printer.

On top of that, such printers, although cost more, don't take much of the space than a typical edible printer. So, we advise you to go for a model that can provide such functionality to help you in doing more works within a short time and without buying extra machines.


You and all of us are in a rush. We hate to wait for results even if it's as simple as waiting for the entry in a movie theater. That being said, when printing edible images for food items, you ain't going to like to wait for days to print a few photos.

And if the printer gives such slow performance, then it'll literally have a bad impact on your business. Therefore, make sure that the edible printer you're buying is capable of printing fast.


Before choosing an edible printer, make sure that the size of your working area is wide enough. Because a printer with a rear feeder needs a good amount of space to fit in perfectly, else you won't be able to place the printer and work comfortably.

How to Maintain an Edible Printer?

As for the edible printer, after four years of use, it doesn't remain in such health to provide efficient performance. So, it needs to be replaced, or else you're surely going to face issues from the printer. Now, we are going to talk about some effective ways to maintain an edible printer for longer sustainability.

Use Cleaning Kits

Thoroughly clean the printer periodically by using cleaning kits provided by the edible ink bundles. Being designed uniquely, these cartridges execute through the machine and reach the place where the ink has compiled and dried. Then, they take apart the clogs and patches for smooth operation.

Take Help from the Manual

The manual will help you in learning the process of using the cleaning kits properly. Now that you've cleaned the printer, do some print tests to find out whether it's working or not.

Get a Good Ink Cartridge

Most importantly, never go for an unknown and fallacious ink cartridge. Since every ink is different, a new one probably won't match with the prior one, creating complications in your printer. Along with that, never keep the printer or the cartridges in a hot environment.

Finally, if you use an edible printer for beautifying desserts occasionally, it won't wear very soon. So, the decision remains on you whether you want to replace the printer after every four years or not.

Tips for Getting Best Result

We want the best result out of everything, and it's our nature. Because at the end of the day, no one likes to accept a mediocre output from an edible printer machine in which they have invested.

The reason you're not getting the picture quality you deserve out of a printer is probably because of the jammed-up ink cartridges. At least, that's the main culprit most of the time. Now, if you're not getting the expected quality pictures, follow up on the tips given below.

  • Go to the printer setting and choose Matte Photo according to your paper type.
  • Then choose High-Quality from the print quality.
  • Alter the brightness and intensity of your color gradient by clicking the manual option under "Color Intensity." That'll adjust the color correction.
  • For getting more vibrant and deep color, move the brightness and intensity slider towards dark.

If these settings can provide you with the quality photos you desire, they are going to work the same on every image after it. Take some time, play with the settings, and you'll surely obtain the result you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a regular printer to print edible images?

Yes, you can; only if you use the edible ink cartridges. And make sure that your printer has not been used for other printing work before you start to print edible images.

2. What are the icing sheets?

Icing sheets, frosting sheets, or sugar sheets, all are the same with different names. Basically, they are layers of icing that are pressed thinly on baking sheets.

3. Is wafer paper and rice paper the same?

Wafer paper and rice paper are the same, made from rice or potato starches. It's a starch-based material. This kind of paper measures up to 0.6mm in thickness with a slight transparency.

4. What should I do if the printer doesn't print?

Of course, there has to be paper in the tray to print. Then check toner or ink cartridges whether they're empty or not. Ensure that the USB is plugged into the printer properly. For wireless operations, check if the Wi-Fi connection is working correctly.

5. What is meant by the FDA?

FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration. It's basically a government agency with the gateway of the Federal Food and Drugs Act and was founded in 1906.

Wrapping Up!

You are going to provide food items like pastries, cakes, cookies, and more to your consumers. Consumers trust you, and you've to value their faith in you by providing them with beautiful yet safe foods.

We've given our best to make sure that you can have the best edible printer. Each of our products ensures quality as well as safety to both you and the consumers. Now, depending on your requirements, buy the product that will support you in the long run.


Want to get your hands on the best edible printer? We'll guide you to the top 9.

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Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer with AirPrint and Cloud Compatible, Black, - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Canon TS8320 All In One Wireless Color Printer For Home | Copier | Scanner | Inkjet - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

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Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 Wireless All In One Photo Printer with Copier, Scanner and - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

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