Fujifilm ultra-wide 99x telephoto zoom lens for broadcast


Fujifilm ultra-wide 99x telephoto zoom lens for broadcast

In December, Fujifilm will release a 99x zoom lens that also achieves a wide-angle focal length of 8.4 mm, the top specification for a broadcast telephoto lens.

For this lens, Fujifilm has upgraded its optical shake compensation, to further increase the precision of correction for camera shake, which tends to occur at long focal lengths.

“This lens has an extremely wide working range, from 8.4 mm to 832 mm. It’s ideal for not just sports like baseball, but also activities such as theater, golf, and skating. This lens is easy to use in all kinds of places.”

“We’ve substantially overhauled this lens, including its internal configuration. By increasing the shake compensation range, we’ve made the correction work better even for large vibrations. For high-frequency vibrations, too, this system eliminates annoying effects.”

This lens also comes with a 16 bit encoder, for high-resolution output of lens data such as zoom and focus settings.

“Nowadays, a lot of virtual content is used in live sports coverage. This lens outputs data enabling the virtual content to follow the camera when it swings out or zooms in.”

Combining a 99x zoom with high optical performance, including high resolution, permeability, and color reproduction, has been achieved by using cutting-edge optical simulation technology.

“A feature of TV lenses is powerful zoom capability. We’ve had technology for developing such lenses for a long time. There aren’t many lenses available with a 99x or 101x zoom ratio. Other companies can’t compete with Fujifilm when it comes to technology for optical design, or technology for grinding large lenses. We’d like to develop new products that can handle customers’ needs, based on our technologies.”


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