Touchscreen studio lighting control system


Touchscreen studio lighting control system

This prototype stage lighting control panel features a touch display which can be used to easily adjust the color and brightness of LED lights. It was presented by Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation at InterBEE 2012.

Colors can be selected using a software palette and color picker, and multiple lights can be controlled in sequence by swiping the lighting icons.

“This system is for full-color LED studio lighting, with a very large number of control channels. So, we’re using this lighting control panel, to make the system easy to understand.”

“You use this system by setting and recording colors, which are then reproduced.”

In this demonstration, the system controls the LED studio lights, newly developed by Toshiba Lighting.

“In a conventional system, the studio lights are halogen lights. This system is really compact so it fits in the space occupied by a halogen light. Studio lights tend to collect dust, so if fans are used to cool the lights, they might get clogged with dust and stop working. But these lights are cool naturally, so the system can even be used in places where dust is a concern.”

“This panel is just a prototype model. We’d like to release a type that makes color LED lighting easier to use, by combining it with a conventional control panel.”


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