enchant.js Simplifies Game Development


enchant.js Simplifies Game Development

Ubiquitous Entertainment exhibited their “enchant.js” technology for developing browser-based games at Digital Content EXPO 2012. This technology uses the cross-platform HTML5 and JavaScript languages to make it possible to write games for smartphones and PCs using very few lines of code. This makes it easy for many people, even elementary school students, to enjoy programming.

“With enchant.js, the emphasis is on ease of use and fun, rather than on details of the technology. The usual barriers to creating games are the programming itself, of course, but also the great difficulty in creating graphics and 3D models. We’ve put together a collection of graphics elements that people can use for free. Also, once a game has been created, it needs to be uploaded somewhere so it can be used on smartphones. We provide the servers and a full service to support this.”

A key feature of enchant.js is that it pulls together into one place the ability to create content, show created games to others, and let them play the games.

“Our vision is that a fourth of all human beings can become programmers. Thinking about studying programming — when children try to create a game program, you know, the kids have been studying various math functions in school without really knowing what they’re used for. But trigonometric functions come up all the time in creating games. So kids will suddenly see the value in those functions they’ve been studying without knowing why.”

Ubiquitous Entertainment believes that free, open-source software will become the mainstream in the future, and is exploring a new business strategy of earning profit through sales of software related books and the sponsoring of events.


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